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Dubai International Academic City


A dynamic, multi-cultural city, with a population of nearly two million from more than 210 countries, Dubai boasts a blend of the east and the west; in fact of every part of the world. It attracts people come in search of the infinite opportunities and possibilities that the bustling metropolis has to offer.

Dubai caters to the needs and demands of its people in every facet of life, be it tourism, education or business. It is little wonder, therefore, that Dubai continues to be regarded an extremely attractive destination for aspiring professionals.

Touted as a cosmopolitan city that never sleeps, with more than 65 shopping centers and over 380 hotels, Dubai is a treasure trove of endless surprises. In addition to its defining factor of cultural diversity, Dubai hosts a spectrum of engaging activities that fascinate every demographic. Offering pleasant temperatures for most parts of the year, Dubai permeates its hospitality into every facet of its cultural and retail fabric. Whether it has to do with shopping, sports or recreation, malls, cinemas or restaurants, plush gardens and parks, beaches or endless deserts, Dubai boasts an abundance of every offering for every segment of the population.

Dubai International Airport connects over 220 destinations across six continents on more than 150 airlines with passenger numbers reaching over 47 million by the end of 2010. What’s more, the city is seamlessly connected by public transport. The efficient network of taxis, buses and the metro easily connects all major areas within Dubai. 

Dubai has gained the status of an ideal educational hub, attracting many foreign universities to set up their campuses through relentless efforts to offer uncompromised quality and affordable educational programmes. This makes it possible for students to realise their dreams of pursuing higher education from renowned foreign universities, at a location closer to home.

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) aims to emerge as the preferred regional destination for higher education providers. Currently, DIAC hosts 27 universities from 11 countries that offer over 300 multifarious higher education programmes including linguistics, human resource management, business administration, psychology, photography and sports. DIAC, thus, provides access to some of the leading international institutions all in one community, providing the very best education environment for students.

Against a backdrop of rapid social development that is gradually expanding its domain to include larger strata of the community, DIAC is set to play a vital role in enabling students to achieve all-round personal and professional success.

“Today, Dubai is a city that has grown from humble beginnings to one that is on the global map of success, growth and potential. The cosmopolitan culture and the opportunities it offers have made it a destination of choice for the younger generation. However, with the spectrum of leading universities and courses, it is imperative that students pick the right option that best suits their long-term goals. At DIAC, we extend a range of enabling services to give students a balanced and well-rounded experience . As the perfect stepping stone to a successful career, studying at DIAC promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking.”

–  Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director, TECOM Investments’ Education Cluster



1. Why should students from Bangladesh come to Dubai to study?

2. What are the options that DIAC makes available to students?

3. What is student life like in Dubai and DIAC?

4. How do I join a DIAC university?

5. What kind of a lifestyle can one enjoy in Dubai?

6. What facilities are offered at DIAC?

7. How convenient is the location of DIAC for the students?

8. What makes Dubai/DIAC different?

9. Why choose DIAC as your campus of choice?

Why was Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) created?


1. Why should students from Bangladesh come to Dubai to study?

The education sector has expanded dramatically in the past few years, with universities from all over the world setting up their campuses in Dubai. An array of opportunities is now available for students on the lookout for graduate and post-graduate programmes. At present, there are over 260 students from Bangladesh enrolled in various universities at Dubai International Academic City.

Universities pay special attention to students’ needs, offering them a wide variety of courses to choose from and a huge number of facilities to utilise. Moreover, the standard of living in Dubai is extremely high with a relatively lower cost of living than most countries in the West, enabling students to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle whilst pursuing their goals.

DIAC firmly believes that education should be accessible not only to meritorious students but the student community as a whole. In line with this vision, DIAC provides a perfect alternative for students looking to pursue higher education in the West, extending multiple options to choose from while maintaining high international education standards. Top universities from all over the world including the UK, US, India and Australia have set up branch campuses at DIAC, while admissions are based on a stringent set of qualifying criteria.

All this coupled with its close proximity to Bangladesh makes Dubai a perfect home away from home. Dubai has an added advantage of being within an average of four-hours flying distance from almost three quarters of the world.

2. What are the options that DIAC makes available to students?

Located on a fully-appointed 18 million sq. ft. campus equipped with state-of-the-art modern facilities, DIAC is the world’s only free zone dedicated to higher education. It hosts 27 multi-tiered universities, delivering over 300 academic programmes in varied disciplines including film making, media, finance and biotechnology. It also offers a range of courses that confer certificates including diplomas, undergraduate degrees and post graduate degrees. DIAC currently hosts universities from 11 different countries and over 18,000 students of more than 100 nationalities.

The Student Hub, a special team formed to cater to the requirements of students highlights DIAC’s commitment towards its students. The Student Hub is extremely accessible and approachable, providing students guidance on numerous issues and services to ensure an enriched student life.

It organises a series of sporting, social and community initiatives and also supports and guides students in identifying an ideal career path.

Additionally, DIAC has founded a Student Hub Representative Council (SRC) that invites students to actively participate in events, enabling them to gain valuable management experience and understand the importance of team work. Students can also register for ‘JAWAZ’, a unique student benefit programme that extends various added benefits including discounts and special privileges.

Further, the hub helps international students with their visa application process.

3. What is student life like in Dubai and DIAC?

Students in Dubai have the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. In general, DIAC ensures that student life is enriching – socially as well as academically.

Students are able to enjoy various amenities owing to the excellent infrastructure and facilities that DIAC has to offer. Multiple events are organised throughout the year by DIAC management and student teams. The Student Hub guides pupils at DIAC to make the best possible use of the opportunities and facilities available to them in order to enhance their learning experience.

The universities on their part organise campus-specific events throughout the year for its students.

4. How do I join a DIAC university?

Students who wish to study at one of the universities at DIAC must obtain a student residence visa. DIAC does its best to make the process as simple as possible. Our Student Hub team processes all visa applications in collaboration with the concerned university, making it easy for students from any part of the world to process their application.

5. What kind of a lifestyle can one enjoy in Dubai?

A world-class city with towering skyscrapers, Dubai is an ideal destination for the youth. It offers facilities of the highest international standards and exhibits a perfect combination of traditional values of an exotic heritage land and the modern cultures of a western world. So whether your interest lies in architecture or tourism, business or fashion, Dubai has it all.

Dubai and the UAE are considered among the fastest growing economies in the world.

Dubai offers a wide variety of attractions including shopping, dining, sports and recreation. International artists from all over the world regularly showcase their talent in Dubai through concerts and exhibitions. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Summer Surprises draws thousands of visitors to the city. The buzzing atmosphere, late-night shopping and extravagant sales – all make Dubai an ideal shopper’s paradise.

It is widely regarded that the UAE has a much lower crime rate than almost every western city, putting Dubai on the map as one of the safest cities in the world.

It is evident that in spite of the diverse languages, cultures and individuals, Dubai is undoubtedly a friendly city that has plenty to offer to its visitors and residents.

6. What facilities are offered at DIAC?

With an area of 18 million square feet, DIAC makes provisions for students to experience a holistic student life.

DIAC provides facilities to accommodate higher education institutions as well as the opportunity for top-tier global universities to create their own identity by establishing their campus in Dubai. Moreover, the universities building own campuses in DIAC-owned lands are encouraged to adopt a comprehensive approach to developing their university campuses to encompass student/faculty housing facilities. On-campus accommodation is available at several universities within DIAC.

DIAC’s Phase-III is the Middle East’s first and largest LEED certified academic facility and has received a silver rating from the US Green Building Council.

DIAC also has a dedicated food court, restaurants and a student recreation centre with a number of arcade style gaming facilities. Numerous restaurants, coffee shops and a book store also feature at DIAC.

7. How convenient is the location of DIAC for the students?

Dubai International Academic City is ranked among the top 10 in the Middle East with a strong ranking under Best Transportation Links by Future Direct Investment (fDi) magazine in the 2010/11 Global Free Zones of the Future Rankings.

The academic free zone is located on a short drive from both the business and leisure districts of Dubai and is well connected by Dubai Road and Transport Authority buses that have a regular frequency. The campus is also in close proximity to Dubai International Airport and the metro line that is expected to be completed shortly.

8. What makes Dubai/DIAC different?

The diverse sectors in Dubai and the multi-dimensional opportunities that are available create an ideal platform to make the right career choices. The array of courses offered by DIAC universities are aligned to market needs and include studies in media, healthcare, life sciences and energy management. In addition to the regular disciplines, universities also offer programmes in niche areas such as forensic science, biotechnology, hospitality and logistics that offer rich growth opportunities for qualified professionals. DIAC’s operation under the umbrella of TECOM Investments enables students to leverage opportunities that this recognised leader in the global knowledge industry offers.

TECOM manages entities such as Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, DuBiotech and Enpark that expand students’ prospects through offering internship opportunities.

Dubai attracts people from all parts of the world and provides residents with the best possible opportunities and lifestyle. The ability to interact with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds helps shape their personalities, effectively preparing them for the competitive global landscape.

9. Why choose DIAC as your campus of choice?

With 27 multi-tiered universities offering over 300 academic programs, students have multiple options to choose from that will perfectly suit the career path they wish to follow. The campus prioritises student needs, offering a large number of facilities to over 18,000 students from over 100 countries.

Special teams such as the Student Hub are easily accessible to students at DIAC to guide and mentor them regularly on various issues including career placement opportunities, personal development and student activities. DIAC constantly strives to give its students a well-rounded experience, making it an ideal educational hub.

Why was Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) created?

Dubai International Academic City, part of TECOM Investments’ education cluster, was founded in 2007 as part of a long-term strategy to meaningfully enrich the region’s talent pool. The inception of DIAC was also the result of Dubai experiencing an unprecedented demand for higher education from both regional and expatriate students.

Incidentally, such a huge demand rose out of the tremendous growth witnessed by Dubai Knowledge Village, the precursor to DIAC, and the emirate as a whole over several years, attracting globally renowned educational institutions from around the world.

Launched in 2003, Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) has placed Dubai and the Middle East on the global map as a destination for learning excellence. Currently, the free zone hosts over 450 business partners specializing in human resource management, consultancy, training and personal development programmes.

For more information on any of the above points please don’t hesitate to visit our website at www.diacedu.ae or follow us on twitter @DIACBrand and become a fan of our facebook page “Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)”


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