GM Plans to Turn Car Windows Into Interactive Displays

General Motors Co. is developing a way to advance back seat entertainment by turning windows into an interactive touchscreen window.

The “Windows of Opportunity” (WOO) invites rear-seat passengers, especially children, to play games or use other apps to kill time during a ride.

“Advanced windows that are capable of responding to vehicle speed and location could augment real world views with interactive enhancements to provide entertainment and educational value,” Tom Seder of General Motors R&D labs says.

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Amazon may launch a smartphone in Q4 2012 Inc may launch its own smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2012, Citigroup said, citing its supply-chain channel checks in Asia.

In a research note dated Nov. 17, the brokerage said it believes the online retail giant is now jointly developing the phone with the world’s top contract cellphone maker Foxconn International Holdings Ltd.

“With the clear success of the Kindle e-Reader over the past 3 years, and Kindle Fire possibly succeeding in the low-priced tablet market, we view this as the next logical step for Amazon,” the brokerage said.

It expects Amazon to pay non-recurring engineering fees to Foxconn, but Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd to actually make the device and multiple components.

The brokerage expects the smartphone to adopt a Texas Instruments processor and Qualcomm’s baseband chips.

“We expect Amazon’s smartphone to be a mid-end device based on the processor it adopts,” the brokerage said, and pegged the company’s total cost for making such a phone at $150-$170 each.

The company’s recently launched Kindle Fire tablet device uses components from Texas Instruments Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor.

The first Kindle Fire shipped on Nov. 14 and Amazon is expected to sell as many as five million of the devices in the fourth quarter and more next year.

“We continue to believe Amazon has now set its eyes on the Mobile (and tablet) Media and Product consumption frontier.”
Shares of the company closed at $204.5 on Thursday on Nasdaq and were up about 1 percent in Friday pre-market trading.

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Facebook hit with unsolicited porn, violent videos !

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday that it is investigating a rash of unsolicited graphic images that hit some users’ accounts this week.

The images, Internet links and videos depicting pornography and violence have hit some people’s Facebook newsfeeds in recent days.

“We experienced a coordinated spam attack that exploited a browser vulnerability,” Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said in a statement emailed to Reuters. “Our efforts have drastically limited the damage caused by this attack, and we are now in the process of investigating to identify those responsible.”

Facebook does not know yet who was behind the attack and a motive was not clear, Noyes added during an interview with Reuters.

Facebook users were tricked into pasting and executing “malicious” javascript in their browser URL bar, which led to them unknowingly sharing the content, Noyes explained.

Facebook engineers have been working to reduce this browser vulnerability, he added.

Facebook and other “Web 2.0” sites are easy targets for such attacks because they pull in a lot of content from outside sources, according to Paul Ferguson, senior threat researcher at Trend Micro Inc.

“It seems every other day there is some new Facebook ‘threat,’ but this is just the new reality of Web 2.0 and social networking,” Ferguson said. “It is ‘low-hanging fruit’ for criminals.”

Source: bdnews24

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DIAC Week of Welcome receives Students for New Academic Year

Week of Welcome, an annual signature event hosted by Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) to mark the beginning of a fresh academic year, opened to an enthusiastic response from new and existing students across 27 universities based at the academic free zone.

Organised by DIAC’s Student Hub, Week of Welcome (referred to as WOW) is a perfect platform for students to interact and gain insight into campus life. The students are particularly familiarized with the activities and facilities offered by the Student Hub. Information on relevant local regulations and cultural sensitivities is also shared during the event.

 The programme that kicked off on 2 October will continue until 6 October. Day-one opened with a two-hour orientation session that shed light on the cultural offerings of the UAE as well as the code of conduct prescribed to DIAC students.

Ibrahim Jamel, Director of Operations, Education Cluster, TECOM Investments, and Nasif Kayed, General Manager, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU), welcomed the students to the event that is set to roll out a series of recreational activities through the week.  Read More >>

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Apple to reveal iPhone 5 on Oct. 4

After months of rumors about the iPhone 5, sources inside Apple have reportedly confirmed that the company will unveil the new iPhone on Oct. 4

The iPhone 5 might be available within a few weeks of the announcement, although the date has not been revealed.

The announcement will be the first for Apple´s new CEO, after the departure of Steve Jobs in August.

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The Fashionista

By Sifat Shafiullah

Fashion is what brings out a trend that could stay for seasons or for months. People all over the world try to stay up to date with fashion by following their favorite style icons which could be actors, singers or anyone in their sometimes bold and sometimes simply striking outfits.

Every designer brings out something extravagant for every occasion; let’s see what trends are being set for this eid. It is noticeable that today women of all ages prefer to wear long A-line’s and Anarkali’s when it comes to wearing a Kameez. While A-line is followed by straight loose pants, the anarkali’s are accompanied by skinny pajamas. A major change in all this is not only the length or style of the outfits but also the prints of choice. Just last season, sparkling sequin work and heavily embroidered outfits were of great preference, but now a more simpler look with a range of mild to highly contrasting colors  have received much more attention. In addition to all this, designers have added some extremely stunning broad laces on the end lines or the hand cuffs of the outfits along with a more monotonous threadwork on the bodice. This brings certain elegance to the dresses, giving the attire a more royal and a very sought after look.

A similar trend change has hit the market for sarees too, the ladies prefer wearing single colored sarees with a well done border complimenting the plain coloring within, these are then put against the renovated full or three quarter sleeved blouses with collared or wide scoop necks of a contrasting color. One of the very popular and expensive saree styles that seem to be a favorite is the French lace sarees. These have the most intricate design work and bring out the glamour and elegance on anyone who carries it. In both sarees and salwar kameez we notice that colors such as purple combined with silver design work and white with golden borders are in good demand.

For the men, we find more bold colors in the market and even a little bit of design works on the collar and button areas of the kurtas. Designers have noticed that men don’t prefer much work and would rather wear something stylish yet simple. While many men prefer the combination of black kurta and white salwar, there are some who enjoy a single colored dressing like all black or navy blue salwar kameez for the guys, with little collar work that run along the body buttons. Colors such as blue and grey with stripes are still holding a good amount of buyers and the all time favorite of white and beige seems to be holding on pretty well too.

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Back 2 School : Good school years

By: Nuzha Farque (Rizu)

Back to school…watching sleepy faces zoning in and out early in the morning. Some wore bright smiles and chirped around. Then there were the screechy voices as the teachers hurried around in the corridors.  By the time the sun is up and its heat warming the blood, the corridors are crowded with students filing in from different directions. Busy chattering and exchanging greetings, trying to catch up on the best days spent in summer, on stories of the teachers who resigned, on the books that ended with not-so-good cliché, on movies that were a treat to watch and bleh! The noise was deafening and worst, non-fathomable. The dull feeling slowly lifted, and suddenly it was good to be back here. Once in a while, in the crowd, in groups someone sighed telling the rest summer is over! Someone looked around, probably wondering, why do I have to come back here. That morning in the bus, everyone seemed to drag themselves on to their seats. The boys had clearly not ironed their shirts, let alone those striped sailor pants. The girls have done their best pony-styles, neat and tidy, but their eyes looked sore. Their bags were dangling on the side. Their nails were long, colored bright and manicured for the summer parties, back to school they got to have trimmed and colorless nails.

With the first hour after the official summer holidays have ended, the irritation slowly wore off, and friends chose corners and corridors to sit to gossip. Once in a while as the teachers passed the corridors, excited voices chorused, ‘Hey, welcome’. Girls still adjusted their ponies high, and elbowed their friends to show some new boy on the corridors. Boys adjusted their ties, and planned spoke of the next date they had pick on the corridor. And another year of high school just began!

You talk about everything you did this summer and share all your secrets with your friends. You burst in laughter fits. You walk around the school corridors, meeting people and exchanging looks!  Suddenly, the familiar shrieking sound erupts your eardrums, and it’s the timing of the day that makes you hate or love the noise. You hate it in the start of the day, a long day waiting before you are home on the couch. You long for it, at the late afternoons. Today is different; it feels all right. It is just the beginning of a new high school year.

Students slowly walk to their classes greeting each other on the way and talking about meeting during lunch break. They walk into the class wondering who’s the class teacher. Is it going to be that old spectacled, puffy-faced one or the pretty-face one. Students pick their seats and keep their bags on the chairs next to them, reserving seats for their friends. The conundrum of noises continues to fill the air, until a new, not-in-uniform person walks into the class. This is surely the teacher for this year. The students scream excited ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’. The teacher makes her introductory speech, and students usually drift to thoughts of their own, will this year be good? Oh god, this year will be harder, I hope I survive! I will be missing Simpsons now, it starts in an hour…

The first days are mostly the best, because you’re free all day with nothing to do but catch up on stories. The new students sit silently looking around at everyone and wondering what is next? Should I talk to the girl with the neat plait, she looks friendly. Should I talk to the boy, but he looks just out of bed.

So back to school this September is not going to be very bad. Other than books and early sleep, there will be fun and anticipation to finish one more year before you graduate. So much you hate school now, you will miss it all your life once you are out of school. Let not any memory get wasted. Enjoy your years at school.

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Watching SpongeBob Slows Children’s Thinking Skills

Researchers have found that immediately after children watch the spongy character from Bikini Bottom, they scored significantly lower scores in executive brain exercises compared with children that did not watch SpongeBob.

University of Washington pediatrics professor Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis noted, “Connecting fast-paced television viewing to deficits in executive function … has profound impacts for children´s cognitive and social development.”

Nickelodeon, which airs SpongeBob, had a different opinion to offer CNN on the matter of the study, saying that, “having 60 non-diverse kids, who are not part of the show´s targeted demo, watch 9 minutes of programming is questionable methodology.”


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A Diamond-Crystal Planet found by Astronomers

A diamond-crystal planet five times the size of Earth and with more mass than Jupiter has been discovered in our own Milky Way galaxy.

An international team of astronomers led by Swinburne University of Technology in Australia spotted the exotic planet racing around a tiny star 4,000 light years away and published their findings Thursday in the journal Science.

The “cosmic bling,” as Wired called it, is far denser than any other known planet, consisting mostly of carbon. It is because of this density that the carbon must be crystalline, making a large part of the planet diamond.

In addition to carbon, the new planet is likely to also harbor oxygen but not hydrogen and helium.

Astronomers believe the diamond planet was once a huge star of its own before a companion pulsar ripped off its outer later and stole most of its mass.

Pulsars are dead neutron stars that emit beams of high radiation that appear almost like blinking lights. The diamond planet orbits a fast-spinning pulsar that’s about 12 miles in diameter, around the same size as London.

Reuters reports that researchers from institutions in five countries used a variety of radio telescopes and 200,000 gigabytes of data to find the diamond planet and its companion pulsar.

Radio telescope data show that the glittery planet orbits its star at a distance of about 370,000 miles, making a year on planet diamond just two hours long.

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