The Fashionista

By Sifat Shafiullah

Fashion is what brings out a trend that could stay for seasons or for months. People all over the world try to stay up to date with fashion by following their favorite style icons which could be actors, singers or anyone in their sometimes bold and sometimes simply striking outfits.

Every designer brings out something extravagant for every occasion; let’s see what trends are being set for this eid. It is noticeable that today women of all ages prefer to wear long A-line’s and Anarkali’s when it comes to wearing a Kameez. While A-line is followed by straight loose pants, the anarkali’s are accompanied by skinny pajamas. A major change in all this is not only the length or style of the outfits but also the prints of choice. Just last season, sparkling sequin work and heavily embroidered outfits were of great preference, but now a more simpler look with a range of mild to highly contrasting colors  have received much more attention. In addition to all this, designers have added some extremely stunning broad laces on the end lines or the hand cuffs of the outfits along with a more monotonous threadwork on the bodice. This brings certain elegance to the dresses, giving the attire a more royal and a very sought after look.

A similar trend change has hit the market for sarees too, the ladies prefer wearing single colored sarees with a well done border complimenting the plain coloring within, these are then put against the renovated full or three quarter sleeved blouses with collared or wide scoop necks of a contrasting color. One of the very popular and expensive saree styles that seem to be a favorite is the French lace sarees. These have the most intricate design work and bring out the glamour and elegance on anyone who carries it. In both sarees and salwar kameez we notice that colors such as purple combined with silver design work and white with golden borders are in good demand.

For the men, we find more bold colors in the market and even a little bit of design works on the collar and button areas of the kurtas. Designers have noticed that men don’t prefer much work and would rather wear something stylish yet simple. While many men prefer the combination of black kurta and white salwar, there are some who enjoy a single colored dressing like all black or navy blue salwar kameez for the guys, with little collar work that run along the body buttons. Colors such as blue and grey with stripes are still holding a good amount of buyers and the all time favorite of white and beige seems to be holding on pretty well too.

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