Back 2 School : Good school years

By: Nuzha Farque (Rizu)

Back to school…watching sleepy faces zoning in and out early in the morning. Some wore bright smiles and chirped around. Then there were the screechy voices as the teachers hurried around in the corridors.  By the time the sun is up and its heat warming the blood, the corridors are crowded with students filing in from different directions. Busy chattering and exchanging greetings, trying to catch up on the best days spent in summer, on stories of the teachers who resigned, on the books that ended with not-so-good cliché, on movies that were a treat to watch and bleh! The noise was deafening and worst, non-fathomable. The dull feeling slowly lifted, and suddenly it was good to be back here. Once in a while, in the crowd, in groups someone sighed telling the rest summer is over! Someone looked around, probably wondering, why do I have to come back here. That morning in the bus, everyone seemed to drag themselves on to their seats. The boys had clearly not ironed their shirts, let alone those striped sailor pants. The girls have done their best pony-styles, neat and tidy, but their eyes looked sore. Their bags were dangling on the side. Their nails were long, colored bright and manicured for the summer parties, back to school they got to have trimmed and colorless nails.

With the first hour after the official summer holidays have ended, the irritation slowly wore off, and friends chose corners and corridors to sit to gossip. Once in a while as the teachers passed the corridors, excited voices chorused, ‘Hey, welcome’. Girls still adjusted their ponies high, and elbowed their friends to show some new boy on the corridors. Boys adjusted their ties, and planned spoke of the next date they had pick on the corridor. And another year of high school just began!

You talk about everything you did this summer and share all your secrets with your friends. You burst in laughter fits. You walk around the school corridors, meeting people and exchanging looks!  Suddenly, the familiar shrieking sound erupts your eardrums, and it’s the timing of the day that makes you hate or love the noise. You hate it in the start of the day, a long day waiting before you are home on the couch. You long for it, at the late afternoons. Today is different; it feels all right. It is just the beginning of a new high school year.

Students slowly walk to their classes greeting each other on the way and talking about meeting during lunch break. They walk into the class wondering who’s the class teacher. Is it going to be that old spectacled, puffy-faced one or the pretty-face one. Students pick their seats and keep their bags on the chairs next to them, reserving seats for their friends. The conundrum of noises continues to fill the air, until a new, not-in-uniform person walks into the class. This is surely the teacher for this year. The students scream excited ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’. The teacher makes her introductory speech, and students usually drift to thoughts of their own, will this year be good? Oh god, this year will be harder, I hope I survive! I will be missing Simpsons now, it starts in an hour…

The first days are mostly the best, because you’re free all day with nothing to do but catch up on stories. The new students sit silently looking around at everyone and wondering what is next? Should I talk to the girl with the neat plait, she looks friendly. Should I talk to the boy, but he looks just out of bed.

So back to school this September is not going to be very bad. Other than books and early sleep, there will be fun and anticipation to finish one more year before you graduate. So much you hate school now, you will miss it all your life once you are out of school. Let not any memory get wasted. Enjoy your years at school.

By Student Express Posted in Articles

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