Bangla Express joins powerhouse: DIAC

Bangla Express is proud to announce its new co-operation agreement with DIAC and Student Express (SE).

DIAC is a powerhouse of an extensive-networked youth establishment. This prominent body in the UAE education sector administers twenty-eight tertiary academic institutions from eleven different countries worldwide. On 8th August, Bangla Express sub-editor and President of Student Express, Mamunur Rashid has closed a deal with DIAC representatives, Head of Student Hub, Ms. Salma Rizwi and Brand Manager of DIAC, Mr. Brendan Vyner. 

The like vision of SE and DIAC is now going to work on new objectives that aim to quantify student resources. DIAC will support all of SE initiatives in the future to bring together cultural talents, academic intellects, show-stoppers, community activists on one platform! SE will cover bulletin on DIAC in every issue and will join DIAC in international grounds to promote student-interests and encourage youth participation in upcoming events. 

“I am very excited. It is for SE a proud gesture, to have our student group supported by DIAC. We are a first Bangladesh group to be associated with DIAC. We are looking forward to making this tie a pioneer for student growth and opportunities.” says SE’s President, Mamunur Rashid. SE, initially a group opened for Bangladeshi students now holds more than 200 students in a span of twelve months. SE has recorded several youth programs and publishes an English section in the monthly Bangla Express magazine.

Bangla Express’s Editor & Publisher, Md. Haroonur Rashid, congratulates SE and DIAC on this association. He says, “SE has been growing strong for day one. We have witnessed SE building each block. The co-operation of DIAC now makes the building functional.”

Keep your eyes in this section to hear more from us. Come join us and be part of the network family, with SE and DIAC.

By Student Express Posted in News

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