Abu Dhabi hires 276 new teachers for September

The 276 teachers have been recruited to teach information technology, physical education, arts and music, as well as fill positions in nurseries and help those with special needs.

Abu Dhabi Education Council [Adec] has also recruited more Emirati teachers this year, as part of an Emiratisation plan announced in June, although it has not revealed how many.

However, it has revealed that 10 primary boys’ schools will be staffed with Emirati women. Emirati teaching graduates are overwhelmingly female, making it hard to staff boys’ schools with men while also providing jobs for all the female graduates.

“The recruitment plan for teaching and administrative staff gives more priority to the appointment of UAE Nationals,” said Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, the executive director of School Operations at Adec.

Of the 8,000 teachers who applied to Adec, only 600 met its requirements.

Those hired include 49 from other Arab countries to teach physical education, as part of the council’s effort to develop sport in schools.

As part of a planned overhaul for the coming academic year, Adec has said about 1,400 teachers, many of them unqualified expatriates, will lose their jobs. The council plans to bring in about 1,000 licensed teachers from other countries to improve teaching, especially of English.

By Student Express Posted in News

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